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First off, welcome aboard!

We started our local Property Finders Cash Incentive Program for a few main reasons.

  1. We want to buy a few houses per month in Boston and surrounding areas and are currently seeing some shortages of good house leads through our normal marketing channels.
  2. You know your area better than we do! We get great leads for houses. The neighborhoods improve because we fix up the house and put a buyer who loves the house into them (improving the overall neighborhood).
  3. It is great working with local people like you. We get to teach some of the things we know about real estate investing to people who want to learn and you gain great experience and knowledge.

Being a Property Finder for us is an excellent way for you to earn extra income and learn more about real estate investing.

Start Here – Your Property Finder Resource Page

Where Do I Find Properties?

  • 17 Places To Find Property Leads That May Turn Into A Great Deal – DOWNLOAD

What Should I Look For In A Good Property Lead?

  • The 4 Major Factors In Determining If It’s Likely A Great Property For Us – DOWNLOAD

What Do I Have To Do In The Process When I Find A Property Lead?

When you find a property that you feel meets our criteria, submit it through our simple online Property Intake Form. The more information, the better. More information means we will be able to process the property faster, determine if it is a deal we are going to make an offer on, and hopefully close faster! Remember, quality over quantity please!

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